Art Pewter – About The Product

A family business that was founded by the late Scottish industrialist, Hamish Dawson-Bowman. Art Pewter the supplier and maker of these beatiful products are the world’s oldest and largest supplier of Clan and jewellery lines.  Throughout the succeeding decades the skilled craftsmen at Art Pewter have continued to hand fashion authentic jewellery incorporating enduring Celtic designs, whose timeless beauty has proven to be ever more appealing in an age of relentless change. Quality, dependability and customer care have long been hallmarks of the company and are just a few of the traditional values which the third generation of the family is committed to upholding.

The following selected pieces are traditional Celtic and Scottish designs that have been hand wrought in Scotland.The plated finish prevents tarnishing and it is unlikely you will need to clean it. However it can be washed with warm soapy water then dried. The use of ‘silver polish’ or cleaning materials is not recommended. If you observe these instructions the product should give you many years of pleasure. You can also find on our site, in the Clan section, Art Pewter Clan Badges, keyrings and kilt pins.